July 15, 2003

After reading some of my old weblog entries, I realized now might be the time to address our change of address. First we considered Chicago, then Seattle became the plan. My record label is based out of Seattle, and therefore it would make most sense to run the business from there. The Northwest is my home and I miss it greatly. However, living in the Midwest has provided me with some excellent opportunties to practice and develop my sound, and it serves as a central point from which to tour and find gigs in other cities. So although it was announced in the Columbia Trbune that we'd be moving to Chicago later this summer, it looks as though any move will probably be postponed for several more months, if not an entire year. There are some other avenues I still need to explore, such as Chicago and Nashville, and I can do that easily from the mid-Missouri area. So ten or eleven months from now we will probably pack the yam-colored Vanagon and start the long drive back home to Seattle, but for now there's plenty to keep my and my music occupied here. And who knows what will happen in the interim?

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