February 8, 2004

I've arrived in Nashville! And I feel I've truly "arrived" at a place that will give me all sorts of new creative energy. Certainly I will learn a lot in this month. My first challenge is to combat the nice cold virus my body waited until now to let in, but luckily Matthew Wilder (the producer) and his family have basically adopted me, and I'm very comfortable. They've got this great bassett hound named Scarlet who makes me feel at home with her slobbery kisses. (I had a bassett hound when I was a child - she was named Bridgette and was my very first pet.)

Matt and I come from a very simliar place both in our musical background and our future vision, so it is an excellent pairing. I may be too excited to sleep tonight, but I'm going to go try right now. And since I have access to internet while I am here, my e-mail addiction will be adequately fed and I also hope to keep a better blog diary while I am experiencing what will surely be one of the very best months of my entire life!

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