April 27, 2004

Because I was asked several times, I thought I'd explain why the Hilary Scott Band didn't play the Columbia Earth Day festival this year. Our band was invited to participate by the Earth Day committee, and we had planned on performing, until several weeks before the event I was reminded of a prior commitment of mine, the date of which had been unknown to me when I accepted the Earth Day gig. So, I had to cancel Earth Day, unfortunately, and then what I WAS going to do was altered because of another occurence within my family, and I went out of town for a different reason. So, I didn't even get to attend Earth Day, but caught part of it on KOPN towards the evening. It sounds like it was a great event with good tunes, which is nothing less than what we always get from Earth Day. Wish we could have been part of it, but I just wanted to explain why we weren't.

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