October 24, 2004

It's amazing how the 'business' part of the music business really makes you contemplate the meaning of those words and the fact that they pretty much define 'oxymoron.' Perhaps the best oxymoronic two words since Led Zeppelin. MUSIC BUSINESS. The words scare me, let alone the actual things taking place that involve negotiations, legalese, new personalities, and the realization that life can change in an instant. Having said all that, this is a very exciting time. Perhaps my mental state is the actual oxymoron! :) There's not much I can publicly talk about right now, so unfortunately this message will not be specific to any certain event, person, or project, but it's definitely been forefront on my mind for the last several weeks so I felt the need to address it.

I'm looking very much forward to the Nashville showcase, which will either be the first or second Saturday of November. It's nice to take the step to showcases and theaters and festivals and competitions, because although we will still make our bread and butter at bars and clubs, the shorter more impactful gigs where someone is there specifically to hear you play rather than to have background entertainment are a really wonderful way to keep your energy and spirits up.

The CD release was just a little over a week ago. I've been down with strep for the past week and haven't had time to write about the party, and I'm not going to say much about it here in my blog. Too many thoughts and not enough time for them. I'm looking forward to releasing the CD in other cities as well, especially at the Nashville showcase! I think our CD release unfortunately missed the listeners who weren't able to make it out on a Friday night, and we even had a technical difficulty which impeded the excitement and impact of the keyboard I introduced for the first time that night. But it was still a party, and I want to thank everyone who came, it was nice to see a full house.

Just last Sunday I went to a solo singer-songwriter showcase called Writers in the Round in Champaign, Illinois, and it was a blast. I loved the other 3 performers, and the crowd was fabulous. Cowboy Monkey is also a beautiful club. I played both guitar and piano for the show and it was really entertaining and fun to experiment with switching between instruments. A new world has opened up to me. Or maybe it's more that I'm rediscovering the instrument that first made me want to be a part of this MUSIC WORLD. There....that's not an oxymoron.

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