December 26, 2004

Christmas has just come and gone, and the New Year is rushing toward us. I am currently in Colorado, celebrating the holidays with friends and family at my sister Heather's house. Much has happened in the last couple of weeks. As I sit and type I am enjoying music on my new MP3 player, a gift from my sister who knows I have started to become avid about my running routine and want to hear whatever music I desire on my jaunts. Currently Peter Gabriel is telling me he hears that voice again, from the annals of one of his best albums, 'SO.'

On December 11th, my band and I played the Lee Ruth CD/celebration party in Boonville at Thespian Hall. So many local/regional musicians were there to play, help, celebrate, and commune. I met people I've heard of for the past four years but never seen in person, and I felt completely energized getting back onstage with the guys after a couple weeks away from performing. We re-arranged 'You Electrify Me' (our contribution to the Lee Ruth project) and had solos highlighting each member of the band as I introduced them. It was awesome. The venue was almost as beautiful as the kind people I met that night.

Shortly before Michael and I left for Colorado last Wednesday, I received a call from my Nashville producer telling me that some investors have decided they would like to fund the recording of several more songs. Although Belltown isn't sure of what the exact parameters of the project will end up being, it is incredibly exciting to have people willing to invest in me and my music, and trusting that the outcome will be worthwhile. The response to 'Out of the Wilderness' has been incredibly positive and encouraging. Although I continue to operate under a need to remain mum about specific details about the project...things continue to look up, and up, and up. I promise the full story will one day be told! Hopefully soon...

I have done/will do a couple of things I've never done before on this trip. I went to a spa and got a pedicure by Michael's request that I allow him to give me a gift of 'relaxation.' It was pretty awesome. I just don't usually do things like that. But my feet are softer than they've been in a long time. After scrubbing and massaging my feet, they pushed down my cuticles and put my feet in a hot paraffin dip, then painted my toenails and moisturized my skin. I know some women do this all the time, but it was a treat for me, and reminded me of those things, with ten toes, that get me around all the time and deserve a little better treatment! I usually ignore my feet.

I also plan to try my luck at downhill skiing before we head back to MO. I am a little nervous....let's pray nothing is broken by Tuesday night.

I am looking forward to Friday's First Night performance in Columbia, and the start of a fresh year of possibilities. As of now, I am scheduled to showcase in Nashville on Groundhog's Day...and whether Phil tells us we have six more weeks of winter or not, I am guaranteed to have a great night playing music in Nashville. I really have a good feeling about 2005. That's a nice number...and I feel there are 2005 things I want to do in the coming twelve months. May you all dream your 'crazy' dreams, and may many of them come true.

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