January 2, 2006

OK - I deserve to be drawn and quartered, or at the very least flogged a bit, for my complete lack of attention to this blog spot. I apologize, because so much has happened. The end of the year flew by in a blur or shows; December was amazing with another incredible Martini Bar show, an appearance at the University of Missouri bookstore, a private party at Grindstone Fitness studio which was incredibly fun, and of course the amazing First Night celebration we played just two nights ago at the Historic Missouri Theater.

Michael and I spent quite a bit of time contemplating the set list for that show, and after viewing the videtape taken of the show, I don't think it could have gone better. Here is the list:

Blind Me
Sugar Bomb
Road to Hope
Long Ride Home
You Electrify Me

The energy flowed perfectly, and as the theater was nearly full, the crowd was noisy and appreciative, which made me feel like a million bucks. Despite having had a rough, stressful day, and having just gotten back from Chicago late the night before, I can honestly say it was one of my best performances in months. Adding to the night was the fact that someone who has heard me play 2 or 3 times in Champaign-Urbana (his name is Gary, by the way!) drove down through St. Louis, picked up a friend of his, and the two attended our show. Not only were they pleased to see us play, but they had great things to say about the city of Columbia's First Night celebration overall. Columbia may be small, but we are blessed with a plethora of things to do, and great people who support the arts and the artists that create them.

After our show, we were feeling a little high (au naturale of course) and we headed to a party we had been invited to several weeks before. We had trouble not going to 3 other parties we'd also hoped to attend, but the night is only so long. We ended up at Danielle Johnson's home, where we ate great food (hmmmmm....can we say it was my last chance to gorge before my New Year's resolution, which happens to be the same every year, takes over?) drank amazing alcoholic concoctions, watched and sang along with some funky karaoke, and eventually ended up outside, in a car, listening to incredibly great music, very loudly, on the stereo. What I love about the Rubins and the Johnsons (Danielle was a maiden Rubin and is now a married Johnson - and by the way, her husband Sephus is a total sweetheart too) is that, like me, much of their lives revolve around music, literature, and the arts in general. You don't have to worry about small talk with these people, there is always something of depth to discuss. And Jason, Danielle's brother, and I, always trade suggestions for great music. My life is so much better for knowing these people (and my other friends whom I've met through Oakland - Leia, Helen, Lori, the list goes on!).

As for 2006 - it has entered with a bang, and I sense great things on the horizon. We have started brainstorming our band's upcoming recording project, which will begin within the next 2 months. The song list is difficult to pare down, since I have many new songs and a handful of highly-demanded covers that could be included. But we will persevere! We hope to pre-sell the CDs, plus a limited-edition t-shirt, plus inclusion in the CD credits plus a private invitation to a pre-CD-release party with the band and other people who've bought the 'package' plus who knows what else, for interested persons.

I should also be heading to Nashville before February comes to begin the next project with my producer, if all goes well.

I know I am forgetting much, but my computer is slowing down and I am concerned that perhaps it will cut me off before I have published this blog. I think there must be a small, but very hungry animal living in my hard drive, whose primary diet is ram. I will, as always, try to write more soon. Sorry!

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