March 10, 2006

Wow - I am quite literally a woman obsessed. Having seen none of the Oscar-nominated movies this year (except Harry Potter - I NEVER get to the theater anymore) I was unbiased as I watched the awards ceremony. Then I saw 'Walk the Line.'

Regardless of the speculation over whether Reese Witherspoon deserved the best actress win or not, I have to say I am completely blown away by Phoenix as Johnny Cash. (His competition was formidable and I'm certain deserving of the win, but I can tell he put his all into this role). And OK, maybe I'm just the slightest bit 'in crush' over the incredible love story those two portrayed. It is interesting how the very passionate, other-worldly love stories are always the ones that go against everything we are told is 'healthy' and 'reasonable,' and yet it is those stories that survive and inspire. I also felt compassion for John's early family life - nothing I will go into now or ever on this blog, (more than just the death of his brother was familiar to me) I'm afraid, but let's just say I related in a way I didn't anticipate. Look for at least one Johnny Cash cover in future shows - I repeat - I am a woman obsessed.

My latest trip to Nashville was very short, as I arrived there several days later than anticipated due to my attendance at the funeral of my great aunt. It was a bittersweet affair, for I 'reunited' with family I barely ever knew. Here I am only a couple hours' drive away from so many of my relatives - and yet it seemed blind fate that brought me to Missouri. How small the world is and how by design do our lives seem, the older I get.

In any case, Nashville was a successful three days. Matt and I went into the studio with Gary Lunn and Lonnie Wilson. My project is the first to be recorded in Lonnie's new home studio. I've been awed by the musicians in Nashville many a time, but Lonnie is arguably not only one of the best drummers in the world, but also one of the best and most successful songwriters, and he and Gary are two of the nicest people around. I sat back and listened as I was given hours of ear candy in the form of their delicious playing. I am incredibly pleased with the progress of the songs Matt and I are co-writing, and I look forward to seeing how everything turns out.

Tomorrow the band and I perform at Luna Fair - but it will not be the whole family. Loyd, who is incredibly busy as of late will not be able to make it, and my thoughts are with Matt, our harmonica player, as his father is ill in the hospital, and we are worried for him. I hope it is not out-of-line for me to put this on my blog, but let's just view it as a public prayer for his father's recovery. We will miss both these guys - truly brothers to me - tomorrow.

One more day to do what I love with people I love - let that always be enough.

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