May 5, 2006

Colin Hay sings in my ear....

I drink good coffee every morning
Comes from a place that's far away
And when I'm done I feel like talking
Without you here there is less to say
Don't want you thinking I'm unhappy
What is closer to the truth
Is that if I live 'til I was a hundred and two
I just don't think I'll ever get over you

Wow...I love music. I am reflecting on the trip my band and I took two weekends ago. We played West Plains Friday night, Houston Saturday night, and Earth Day in Columbia Sunday afternoon. To bring so much music to so many people in such a concentrated period of time brought home to me that THIS IS IT! Touring is exhausting but thrilling....

The theater in West Plains was beautiful and modern, the crowd was beautiful and timeless. I am constantly honored by the opportunity to play my music for people, and consistently shocked by the capacity of the heart to embrace it.

The local commercial radio station interviewed me, played a couple of my songs, and also ran a station-identification promo for me all the next day, two times an hour, as an advertisement for my Houston show that night. It was great to get such support. The band was ON...almost all of our Floating World CDs were sold that night on the basis of how we performed 'Gravity' that night.

We stayed that night after the West Plains show with a friend of ours, Spencer, who took us to a little house in Van Buren, in a beautiful tree-filled plain. We were up until the wee hours driving there, and then eating cardboard box pizza (no food had ever tasted so delicious at that point) and then we crashed. The next day Spencer took us to this amazing Spring (Big Springs was the name, I think) which is this gigantic rush of gorgeous blue water... while I've heard many people say they feel small and insignificant around natural wonders such as this, I instead feel an incredible calm at the purposefulness of everything around us. Small we are....insignificant, no.

Saturday night in Houston was something special. I will never forget it. It was in an old church, hence the name 'Stained Glass Theater.' Unfortunately, our show was to be the last in this venue. (Not enough community support to justify the renewed grant, plus the owners of the church were moving elsewhere - arts must be supported -it's dire!) The crowd was immediately responsive and it was so comfortable playing for them. As soon as I said 'good evening', they said 'good evening' right back, much as you might imagine a church congregation responding to a pastor's welcome. From then on out we were like old friends. At one point my voice failed me (I sprouted a cold the next day) and I re-started a song. I've never had to do that in a show, and rather than feeling mortified, these people made me feel it ENHANCED the show...they clapped laughed and supported. A highlight of the evening was being offered an artist's trade: my CDs and a tee-shirt for a beautiful hand-etched silver bracelet. I've worn that bracelet almost every day since.

I learned a lot about my two band-mates BA and Rob on that trip; Rob likes to eat lots of junk food when travelling, and BA doesn't love it when other people drive! But you know, we got along well - they really took care of me. I felt so good that this time around I could actually pay them well (these gigs were through the Missouri Arts Council, hence grants paid us nicely) but I also realized they will suffer almost anything, for little to no pay, just to play music with me. I couldn't ask for anything fact, it'd be a SIN to do so! :)

Earth Day was a glowing example of all that is right with Columbia. The park was full, the sound was great, Loyd was back onstage with us (I have missed him) and the weather was heavenly.

Since then we also played the Hep C awareness gig at the Martini Bar, and met a very nice group called Kelly's Lot who has invited us out to LA in October to play a telethon and also to perform in some cities around the LA area, through their connections. It is great to start networking like this, but more importantly I so respect these people for bringing awareness through music, and using their talent to put as much good into the world as possible.

This week I will be heading to Nashville - a solid week of writing sessions and recording vocal tracks. There is some possiblity of one of the tracks being shopped to movie soundtracks - always a great way to get 'discovered' and make some money so I can keep touring. We shall see how it goes.

Now it's Simon and Garfunkel:
Tom, get your plane-ride on time
I know your part'll go fine

Until next time!

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