December 22, 2008

Hi from Seoul, Korea!

Christmas is only a couple of days away. I am trying to figure out ways to "invoke" the holiday spirit over here, even though I am far from most of my friends and family. So, with the new friends I've made here, I've been baking cookies, listening to Christmas carols, and wearing as much red and green as possible. :)

More importantly, I'm trying to count my blessings and make sure to express my appreciation for those blessings.

I am playing music, which is my love.
I am making a living playing music, in uncertain economic times.
I have people who love me, whether they are right across the street or thousands of miles away.
I am healthy.

I can't think of much else I need - and I realize that I also can't think of much to complain about, though there have certainly been difficult and lonely times here in Seoul. For every blessing I counted above, there are people struggling, and it's important to remember that as well. What can I do to help other people? My friend Mary and I are looking into volunteering at orphanages and women's shelters here in Korea. Something to bring myself OUT of myself will probably help me a lot when those lonely, sad times occur.

So, no matter your beliefs - I hope that during this holiday season, right before the new year begins, you count your blessings and also recognize your own ability to make the world a better place on whatever scale you can.

And - musically speaking, I'm finding the blues to be the best cure for my blues.

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