January 2, 2011

When it rains it pours....this is true on a number of levels. On a quite literal level, the weather here in Fukuoka this winter has been Seattle-like: lots of rain. But today I felt the sun on my face for a few minutes when it broke through the clouds.

On a metaphorical level, good fortune has rained down on me for my last week here. I've recently been featured on BARKS, a popular Japanese entertainment website. Apparently my artist page will remain there and be udpated with a news feed from time to time. I also am fortunate to have an interview lined up for January 7th, at Japan's LOVE FM, on a show called Natural Woman. I find this fortuitous not only because it's international radio and that is ALWAYS a good thing, but also because the show is named after a Carol King song, and one of the biggest compliments I've ever received was to be compared to her by a Chicago DJ. I also am fortunate enough to get to meet a new friend of mine, a Japanese woman who has been in PR and worked in conjunction with some VERY famous artists in the past. She is coming to my last two performances here, and hopefully we will discuss a direction for furthering my original music career here in Japan.

On the European front, I'm going to be the solo opener for two Cock Robin shows in late January in France, which is a very cool thing as they have had hit songs in Europe and been popular there for several decades. I then head down to Italy for 7 intense days of recording, a possible meeting with a professional photographer for an album shoot, and to meet up with publicists and managers with the goal of finding representation for Italy and beyond.

Heading back to the US in only 6 days, I look forward to a midwestern show or two with my new band, The New County Line. I'm excited about this band because it's a fusion of different styles based on the musical backgrounds of its members. We have a drummer who comes from a punk background, a bassist who's heavily influenced by jazz and soul, and a guitarist who loves classic rock. We morph this into our alt-country-pop-folk sound, and we're going to start experimenting with changing up instruments between members since we're multi-instrumentalists. I also plan on re-uniting with the Hilary Scott Band for some shows - the feeling when we play together is unparalleled as it can only be with a band that's been together as long as we have (nearly 10 years!) and we anticipate each other's moves and balance each other so well.

I'm missing everyone back home so much, and grateful for the short stop I'm making in Seattle on the way back to St. Louis. I will go wedding dress shopping with my mom, see some family members I haven't seen in quite a while, and celebrate a late Christmas. Then, when I get to St. Louis, my fiance and I plan another late Christmas with family on his side. I have a lot of catching up to do, and many friends to see in the short 10 days I am there before heading to France. The first half of 2011 is going to be busy with travel and wedding plans. And I do mean it when I say I hope I see you all at shows this year. Many of my closest friends started out as fans who came to shows....and so I count myself blessed to have friends all over the US, and now scattered all over the world as well.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!

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