February 3, 2011

Goodbye France - it's been a wonderful two weeks! I want to use this entry to thank all my friends here, and the new fans I met at shows. It was really a cool surprise to have someone come up to me at the merch table and point to a disc here and there and say "I already have this one, so...." and choose another title. It's great when you're in another part of the world and someone has already discovered your music.

After a change in recording plans in Italy to health issues of one of the parties involved, I'm flying home tomorrow. I wrote extensively about the Cock Robin shows, and wanted to elaborate briefly on the show at La Bamboche. The venue was quite full, and I played two long sets, with my friend and agent Agnes translating for me so that I could communicate the meaning of the songs to the audience. I even spent some time telling jokes at the beginning of the show and was pleased when the humor translated. A couple of days after the show, my friend Sophie forwarded me a message her friend Said had posted on his Facebook page after seeing me perform that night. Here is the translation of what he said:

"A marvellous voice and a few guitar notes played in a remarkable way can make you forget all the rough things in life for a while. Music brings sweetness to your mind, but the talent of an artist brings you much greater happiness. I experienced some wonderful moments last night."

Well, France, I experienced some wonderful moments with you as well. I look forward to the next adventure. (Thanks Agnes, Sophie, Claude and Lisa, my family in France!)

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