November 25, 2012

Telephonic Poetry Silliness

So, AJ and I had a wee bit of time to kill before the show this past Friday night when we performed at Morso's Americana Music Series (hosted by Michael O'Neill) in Gig Harbor, Washington. When we weren't busy eating seafood salad and drinking fabulous wine, we decided to pass a piece of paper back and forth, trading off phrases and see what came of it. Well, it's truly awful, so why not share it with the world? :)

Before I post that, I do want to say a few things about our experience with Michael O'Neill. He interviewed us in his studio on "the Ranch" the Tuesday before the show, and we had a hilarious time chatting with him for an hour, and performing four live tracks. His syndicated radio show "Who's Bad Now?" is linked with No Depression, and we will also be hosting the link when the interview is ready, so that you all can listen in. Getting the opportunity to chat with him right before the show was also an amazing experience - he is very connected to all aspects of the music business, and the best part of his experience is that he has been on both sides of the coin - working in the major label world, and also achieving great success independently, so he has a wealth of knowledge for us, and we look forward to working with him in the future. As for the show - The Americana Music Series at Morso attracts the best artists and the greatest listeners. I cannot extol its virtues enough! We were treated so kindly, the sound and stage and environment were beautiful and alluring, the crowd was attentive to our every word and note. We will have lots of video and pictures posted soon. I wish we could play 365 dates like this every year! A special memory from the show was when Michael got up onstage, asked me to keep playing a refrain from "That Kind of Woman," and then proceeded to whip the crowd up into a social-media-posting frenzy. He talked about the importance of supporting artists by blogging or tweeting about them, posting their pictures and tagging it, liking their pages, etc. It really does make a difference for artists, and we appreciate it so very much. Again - thanks Michael, Morso, and the friends and fans at the show!

Now, for the bad part:

There once was a man who lived above the land
His home was a bouncy cloud of fun, a million miles from the sun
Upon the cloud, sang a woman aloud, a very beautiful song
Sometimes precipitation would halt their communication, but still he impatiently waited for her voice
Sometimes sun, sometimes rain, the result of fun and pain, the latter never kept them far apart
If you recognize the refrain, you may have heard the same, winging from the strains
of your own love's heart
She would go singing, and humming, and chumming around on the cloud that she too called home
Though she loved her fluffy home, and she never felt alone, she sometimes wondered
about the world below
And one day the cloud they both called home, hardened and thickened and turned into stone,
and from the sky they both fell, no longer alone
They fell to the knowledge of darkness and cold, to the slow steady march towards growing quite old,
but they also could always see, hear and touch,
without the billowing cloud interfering too much
The couple lived on for 'bout fifty more years, and though one day they did disappear,
they wished never to return to their life without fear,
for on earth they had found...

Wine and Whiskey and Beer!!!!

I had to throw on the surprise ending or it all would have just been too tragic. :)

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