September 28, 2013

Slugs, Road Food, Paul McCartney, and My Green Face"

Well, the return of cold and flu season and the big, nasty viruses floating around have caused me to miss two shows this week. Right now, while lying in bed like a lethargic lump, I am thinking of the show Fringe, when a bloated bio-engineered cold virus ends up killing people through suffocation. The virus resembles a huge, pale slug, with random spikes all over its hideous body. I kind of feel like that slug.

Speaking of slugs, we have a few in our garden that love to kill our beautiful flowers. So, I guess what I am saying here is: I welcome cold remedies and death-to-slug remedies alike! Send in your remedy with a S.A.S.E. (does anyone know what those are anymore?) and you will get back an envelope likely carrying a nice bit of cold virus, and a hand-written thank you. ;)

OK, bad idea? How about what I think is a pretty good idea: a new blog thread I am starting in October featuring musicians I admire. Five Degrees of Inspiration will likely introduce you to some music you have never heard, and will delve deeply into the lives of great artists with probing questions like...wait for it..."what's your favorite road food?"

In other useless trains of thought, I suppose I could let you know I am very excited to return to LA in early November to finish recording with producer Michael O'Neill at the studio of Johnny Lee Schell. One of the musicians on the record just today was rehearsing with Paul McCartney, and my entire face turned instantly green. I adore these guys who are, quite literally, the best in the biz and have no matching egos to go with that fact.

So, my blog is going to be different than what I was trying to make it before. By writing when I had "news" or a bunch of music-related experiences built up to talk about, all I did was get overwhelmed and end up writing what might sometimes kind of have seemed like a school book report. Now, it's going to be a crazy thought train I ride on typewriter tracks.

And that is precisely why this blog is entitled "Slugs, Road Food, Paul McCartney, and Green Face."

Smooth, I know. ;)

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