February 4, 2014

My Real Identity, My Lost Brother, My Story

My name is not really Hilary Scott. I thought that might catch your
attention. You see, back in 1998, my older brother Scott died of
complications due to epilepsy. It was the most devastating thing to happen
in my life to date. Scott (and also my sister, Heather) shaped a huge part
of my involvement in, and appreciation of, music. It was part of his every
day life, as it was for my entire family, and Scott introduced me to the
more "rebellious" side of music, which I think ultimately helped lead to my
desire to create my own songs. When Scott died 16 years ago, I adopted his
first name as my performance name, because then he would be with me, and my
music, wherever we went. It was the best personal tribute I could think of.

I had no idea that around 2005 or so, when I had already been Hilary Scott
for 7 years, had a web presence, and a large Midwest following, and was
gaining exposure everywhere with 4 or 5 albums to my name...that Hillary
Scott with "2 L's" would start cropping up in a soon-to-be quite popular
country group called Lady Antebellum. I had no idea people would ever
confuse us, but eh...it happens. Our music and styles are completely
different, but whether the public and/or industry's confusion over the "two
Hilary Scotts" has ultimately been a help or a hindrance to my career, is
quite frankly, irrelevant. Because my name was chosen to honor someone I
love nearly two decades ago.

The path my music has led me on has been winding and hilly and always
exciting. Europe and Asia and the UK and the US, songwriting competition
wins, opening for some amazing legends like Tanya Tucker, Chuck Berry and
Little Feat, developing a fan base of some of the most wonderful and loyal
listeners ever...these are a few highlights so far.

And now...what now? Being the "indie" Hilary Scott has been costly. It has
been a labor of love and has often meant sacrificing other things people
take for granted. But this is not a complaint-far from it! With the help of
my independent label, Belltown Records, some amazing musicians that have
propelled me, challenged me, and inspired me, family and friends and fans
that give me the energy to carry on...I have done SO much without millions
of dollars and a major label. And now this "team" behind me has increased
the monetary investment with a recording project in Los Angeles with
grammy-winning players. You cannot just make a record and expect it to move
mountains. The independent artist has to push the sometimes seemingly
immovable mountain by getting press, reviews, radio play, tours, sales...and
that all takes money.

I sincerely tell you I have never taken your belief in me for granted. Every
face at every show is like a small miracle to me. Every time someone tells me
how much a song of mine means to them, my heart flutters. Every dollar you
may ever have spent to go to one of my shows or purchase my merchandise
literally went back into improving my craft, recording more songs, buying
another tank of gas on tour, and making more music for you.

I thought now was the right time to open up and share my personal story with
you, because I think you deserve to know that part of the impetus that keeps
me onstage and in the studio is honoring my brother. In all honesty, I never
thought I would be a performer (stage fright!) or get to do the amazing
things I have done. When I think back on the faraway and seemingly
impossible dreams I had as a little girl, I realize I am to a large degree,
living that dream. Every little success I have gives me the satisfaction of
knowing it would have brought a smile to Scott's face. And with my latest
record, I plan to invest as much time and energy as possible into getting my
music out there, reaching more people, taking Scott with me just a little
further on down this road.

Soon, AJ and I will launch an Indie Go Go campaign to help raise
funds to get this record into more people's ears. A comprehensive publicity
campaign, help with targeted radio and reviews, and maybe even a small
coffer for touring expenses, will really help us do more.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. If you took the time to
read this, you have already given me a wonderful gift.

And...I love you Scott

The Hilary Scott "with one L".


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Scott would be so proud of you. Big Love my friend, Nick (UK) x

Anonymous said...

As a brand new Hilary fan, I am touched and excited to know more about you as a person and as a performer. Thanks you for being so candid and forthcoming...two traits I admire muchly in a person. I look forward to being along for the ride! xo suzibird (aka susan schneider)

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